BDMS Community Services

Assistive Products for Household Tasks

For people living with a disability, specialised equipment is often required to perform household duties. Assistive products for household tasks include a variety of aids and devices to support daily living. Whether it’s cleaning the house, cooking a meal, or washing the dishes, our assistive products help people to live safer and more independent lives. At BDMS Community Services, we boost confidence and reduce dependence by focusing on the care recipient.

We provide the following equipment:

  • Wheelchairs and mobility equipment
  • Showering and toileting aids
  • Household cleaning devices
  • Cooking and kitchen equipment
  • Doorbells and alarms
  • Adapted clocks and calendars
  • Programmable memory aids
  • Environmental control units (ECU)

As an approved NDIS provider, we have access to a vast range of specialised household devices. Even the smallest things can make the world of difference, with our team creating a tailored program that works for each person and home environment.