BDMS Community Services

Our Services

BDMS Community Services provides caring support to people living with a disability. We offer short- and medium-term accommodation, personal care, lifestyle assistance, household tasks, and many other services. From everyday tasks to specialized equipment and community participation, we provide the following well-rounded care services:

Accommodation Services and Support

We offer a range of accommodation packages, from intensive at-home care to short and medium-term assistance.
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Assistance with Life Stage Transition

Life transitions are hard on everyone, especially people living with a disability. If you or someone you know is moving out of home, or moving into a care facility, it's vital to manage the change with dignity.
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Assistive Products for Personal Care and Safety

We provide a variety of tailored personal services. People have vastly different needs when it comes to support, so our team delivers personalised solutions that work for the recipient and their lifestyle.
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Assistance with Personal Activities

We construct personalised care programs to support people at all stages of life. Our programs are delivered by a caring and experienced team, and the results can be transformative.
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Personal Mobility Equipment

We provide valuable mobility solutions to help people lead full lives. Reduced mobility often results in a lack of independence, and more often than not, it has a negative effect on the quality of life.
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Assistance with Travel and Transport

Travelling alone can be challenging for people living with a disability. We make this process easier by assisting and managing transportation arrangements with a variety of transport options.
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Daily Tasks and Shared Living

Everything we do is based on the daily needs of the care recipient. This service describes assistance with and supervision of daily tasks in a shared living environment.

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Assistive Products for Household Tasks

For people living with a disability, specialised equipment is often required to perform household duties. This service include a variety of aids and devices to support daily living.

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Innovative Community Participation

Community participation can have a huge impact on health and happiness. This program helps NDIS participants to build valuable new skills and get involved with local groups.

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Communications and Information Equipment

We provide a variety of products to participants that assist with communication, from traditional written and verbal tools to electronic technologies and 24/7 emergency devices.
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Assistance with Household Tasks

Everyday tasks can be challenging for people living with a disability. We support sustainable domestic routines to help people regain a sense of control.Learn More

Community Participation Support

Community involvement is an important part of every well-rounded life. We encourage care recipients to make valuable connections and pursue their life goals

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