BDMS Community Services

Who we are

BDMS Community Services provides caring assistance to people who live with a disability. Our organisation was established in 2019, and our team has more than 15 years of direct community experience. We work across the disability and aged care sectors, with our friendly and highly motivated team specialising in dementia care.

Our organisation was established in response to the growing demand for disability solutions. With a lack of high-quality services and congruent care packages, people with needs weren't getting the support they deserved. We work hard every day to support people in need, with our team partnering with care recipients and their families to find solutions that work.

At BDMS Community Services, we help people to identify needs, set goals, and find pathways towards achievement. We want people to live their best possible life, and we believe everybody can reach their potential. Whether it's satisfying the activities of daily living, advancing independence, or participating in the local community, we help people to move forward and live life with confidence.

Our qualified and experienced team delivers consistent 24/7 care for all disability-related issues. We're proud to work with a diverse range of cultures and are happy to provide support at any level of disability or stage of life. At BDMS Community Services, we deliver exceptional community-based care with a smile.

We believe everybody deserves to reach their potential, advance their independence and participate in their community.

our vision

We lead from the front with professional integrity and loving kindness. At BDMS Community Services, our vision is to provide high-quality care and reliable support to people in need.

Our mission

We work hard every day to help people live better lives. At BDMS Community Services, our mission is to provide an exceptional level of support for each care recipient.

Our values

We have developed a strong team through a culture of care and community. At BDMS Community Services, our operations are built on the following values:

  •              High-quality care
  •              Freedom of choice
  •              Lifestyle control
  •              Equality of access
  •              Mutual respect
  •              Dignity and grace